Welcome to my home page!

Welcome to notthecheatr home page! I've done a bit of updating as of late, so there are a number of things you may find useful here. There are a number of useful programs or libraries I've written on here; all of them are free and open source, and most are commented well and come with examples. I've also got the fbn00b tutorials, some tutorials which hopefully will help many a newbie to learn how to program in FreeBASIC. There are some links to various FreeBASIC-related pages, though chances are you came here from one of the pages linked to there. And as of January 28, 2008, a new section called "Articles" has been added that basically contains articles and tutorials I've written (other than the fbn00b tutorials of course, which are in a separate section of the site). Anyways, hope you enjoy my small-but-growing site, and perhaps one of these days I'll have a monolithic game for you to play here. Well, maybe not, but anyways, keep coming - I add things as often as I make them, which is pretty often. If you need to contact me for any reason, my e-mail is admin@notthecheatr.phatcode.net.