Articles, tutorials, and more

This is my repository for all my articles. I've created a program for converting the articles (which I normally write in forum code) into HTML which is compatible with my CSS. It works quite nicely, I'd say. Anyways, here are various articles and tutorials I've written recently or in the past, explanations for various things and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

Articles by myself

User Defined Types (UDTs) and Dynamic Arrays - a short article intended to explain to the beginner why dynamic arrays cannot be used inside UDTs - and give a basic introduction to using pointers and memory buffers (for a more thorough discussion of these topics see fbn00b tutorial #8).
Why OOP? - an article I wrote to explain OOP, geared for the person who doesn't really understand OOP - the reasons behind it or what it can do. Well received on the forums if I do say so myself, but I thought I'd better archive it here so it doesn't get lost. Enjoy!

Articles by other people

The Fancy 2.5D Tutorial - A good article written by Pritchard about taking a simple tile-based engine to the next level. I can't understand all of it, but what I do understand was good enough to post here.